Gậy đánh golf Gold Tourney

48.300.000 đ

MacGregor Japan 2012 Gold Tourney Driver is a Premium Japan Made Driver made for maximum forgiveness and feel. It features a titanium forged head made with a 4 piece construction. The sole featuers an inner weight for low center of gravity for ease of use.


The crwon is made with rounded 325 titanium material for a very light weight, while the shape helps keep the center of gravity really low. The face is a newly designed t rex titanium design with a power channel. The heel and toe area is made to be 2.2mm thick allowing for very forgiving distance on off center hits. The center of the face is 2.7mm surrounded by a 3.0mm zone. The difference in the face thickness allows the sweetspot to produce a spring like effect and produce a very strong energy transfer. The face comes square in the 9.5 degree head and 1 degree closed in the 10.5 degree model. This helps promote a straight to slightly drawing ball flight. The head size is 460cc for maximum forgiveness.

It comes standard with GT 201 DM graphite shaft, which is premium 80t carbon press shaft. This ultra thin and dense shaft allows the club to swing freely with minimum air resistance while the 80t carbon keeps the shaft very stable through the swing and produce a solid feel every single shot. It is 45.75 inches in lenght and is 50 grams in weight.

Available in 9.5 or 10.5 lofts in S, S/R or R flex.

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