Tất Chervo nữ - Bestrong

Season Fall Winter Composition 75%pp 20%pa 5%ea Made in Italy.

Giá: 840,000đ

Compression sock which produces a stimulating and invigorating massage that helps improve circulation and reduce swelling, tiredness and heaviness. The legs are revitalized and energized. Also ideal for long-haul air travel. The blended polypropylene and polyamide yarn ensures all the hypoallergenic, quick drying and resistance characteristics of the Power Dry technology. Made in Italy. POWER DRY BLENDING OF POLYPROPYLENE AND POLYAMIDE - TWO HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL YARNS - DELIVERS UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: • DRIES OUT VERY QUICKLY • PREVENTS THE FORMATION OF BACTERIA AND MOULD DUE TO ITS ANTIALLERGENIC PROPERTIES • LIGHT WEIGHT • RESISTANT AND TOUGH TO EXTERNAL AGENTS • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY MANUFACTURING PROCESS.